welcome to the

Everlasting Summer

Never mind the calendar.  Follow the feeling that's drawing you to the water.

Love the Water

Ansea is a lifestyle brand providing timeless essentials for women who Love the Water.  Our inaugural collection of sustainable swimwear, RTW, and wetsuits offers a counterpoint to the male-dominated world of surf and swimwear, proving that life lived in and out of the water can be chic, feminine, and functional all at once.  We believe salt water is the cure for anything.

As unique as you are

Yulex Bags

"I never thought I would LOVE or use a bag this much in my life."

Proudly Made In

New York City

By producing collections domestically, we are able to maintain greater transparency and control of the quality of our products.  We produce ethically made, unique garments in small batches and take pride in contributing to our local economies.  

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