FINDING JOY: Cheyenne Ellis

Cheyenne's photography // Instagram @cheyenneellis

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with the talented Cheyenne Ellis.  


  Cheyenne in the Yulex Jane

Cheyenne is wearing The Yulex Jane

On Friday nights my boyfriend and I dress up, turn off our phones, and the tv, and have a themed date night at home.  

Last Friday was fish tacos and YOLA Mezcal margaritas ... I wore a dress to go with it all and put on some Buena Vista Social club






We suggest The Man Over Board Dress for date night.


Currently reading Untamed

By Glennon Doyle, with a group of my girlfriends 


The Beach is Saving me right now!

We are so lucky our local beach has not shut down. I go everyday with my dog or boyfriend and this was from a stand up paddle we did together when the weather got nice. 

The Sporty Top

Cheyenne is wearing The Reversible Sporty Top 

Fresh flowers have been saving me!

Our neighbor from Willi Wildflower is doing local deliveries from local farms and foraging wild flowers. I love supporting her and bringing a little of the outside in to our home right now. 

Willi Wildflower


Wishing you all Joy at home