Frangipani Dawn Candle

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Introducing a candle unlike any other.  Soothingly fragrant, the Frangipani Dawn Candle transforms any space into a tranquil, light retreat.  A mild expression of the Frangipani Dawn scent, this candle delivers just the right amount of optimism your day will thank you for. 

Suddenly, a warm sun blankets you. Your palms tingle, passing gracefully thru the cold ocean water.  Your soul fills with soft reds, pinks, and ambers. Your heart is awakened by the powers of the sea. You are here now, in the Frangipani Dawn.

When finished, cover remaining wax with hot water.  Allow time to cool.  Remove wax and use jar as your heart desires. Great for paint brushes, flowers, treasures, or wine.  Voila, the journey continues.

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