The Yulex Mega Tote Bag

Color: Black

A bag that does it all..even acting as a major conversation starter. Our Mega Tote was designed as the ultimate carry-all for every day, when you need to have everything on you from a water bottle to a change of shoes to a wetsuit because you just never know what you’ll need. The adjustable vinyl straps allow you to wear it on your arm or throw it on crossbody.  The Mega Tote is sustainably produced using Yulex, a plant-based alternative to neoprene (and naturally vegan).  You won't find another bag made this way, making the Yulex Mega Tote as unique as you are.

• Yulex FSC certified Natural Rubber

• Sustainably grown and harvested, non-sensitizing

• Large hanging interior pocket with credit card closure

• Remove interior bottom if you prefer a slouchier, body contouring bag

Best enjoyed close to water.


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