Plant Based Performance

Why Yulex vs neoprene?

Yulex is an FSC certified natural rubber which produces 80% less CO2 emissions than Neoprene in its manufacturing process. Unlike neoprene, Yulex is 100% plant based, requiring no mining, drilling or non-renewable resources like petroleum or limestone.


It's non-sensitizing, meaning it won't trigger certain latex allergies the way neoprene can. In extreme contrast, production of Yulex is a zero waste process and is ultimately biodegradable.


Yulex does not contribute to the alarming health risks created by chloroprene, the primary component in rubber neoprene. The EPA has found that in the area surrounding the only neoprene manufacturer in the U.S., the risk of cancer is more than 50 times the national average. Yulex eliminates this health concern by using bio-based materials and a novel manufacturing process for high performance foams, demonstrating a commitment to the health of communities.

Yulex Wetsuits

Ansea Yulex Wetsuits are as functional as they are stylish. Colorful, stretchy, and durable, our Yulex Wetsuits are a perfect mid-temp solution for every surfer who wants to look and feel their best. The jury is out on how Yulex performs in comparison to neoprene and the best (and brightest) surfers in the world can be found in Yulex, every day of the week.


"A small town, a chemical plant, and the residents desperate to fight for clean air"

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Yulex Bags

Not only are Ansea Yulex bags a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle, they are also as unique as you are. No other bags are made this way, anywhere you look. They are durable, functional, and shamelessly chic. Sustainability doesn't compromise style.